“Luxurious by design, sustainable by choice, effective by nature.”

THE CIRCLE Magazine is a luxury print publication that features business men and women, entrepreneurs and artists, who define – and redefine – a world of prestige in Los Angeles. It is a celebration of talent and ambition. It is also a communication platform for those who dream big and work hard. Because beautiful success stories deserve to be shared.

Designed to last in time, THE CIRCLE Magazine is a precious guide for affluent people looking for high-quality experiences and services.


“I love luxury. And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity.” – Coco Chanel

Luxury does not have to be expensive, abundant or extravagant. To some, luxury lies in comfort and elegance. To others, luxury lives in the details. To us, luxury begins with respect, kindness and adaptability. In order to define luxury, we need to take into account many criteria: the quality of materials, the savoir-faire, the design, the story, the heritage, the values. Providing a luxury service or experience is understanding priorities and the value of time — therefore anticipating the needs, being one step ahead. Luxury can also take the form of a nice surprise, a considerate gesture. It is the quest for the utmost refinement. It is the guarantee of satisfaction.

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THE CIRCLE Magazine - Los Angeles 2021

In THE CIRCLE Magazine - Los Angeles 2021

Gallery 19C, Jeff Leatham, Christian Louboutin, Fred Segal, Ladurée, Maude by Curtis Stone, Niki Nakayama’s n/naka, Officine Gullo, Tomoko Spa, Roger Dubuis, CIRCA Jewels, Lea Journo, Chris Ford, The Ranch Malibu… and many others!