Growing Your Business With Quality Exposure

It is getting harder and harder for brands to get their messages across, considering the decline of people’s attention span and how advertisements are overwhelming today’s media.
Growing your business

Innovation is key

The need for innovative communication strategies is greater than ever. That doesn’t mean you should overlook the effectiveness of print publications — or the power of storytelling. Niche magazines with geo-targeted distribution such as THE CIRCLE Los Angeles are high-performance tools when it comes to reaching a local audience. By combining the print magazine with a digital version, media companies increase brand exposure and maximize Return On Investment. THE CIRCLE takes the idea further with additional exposure, as businesses also get an eternal, dedicated online page that includes a link to their feature in the magazine, as well as promotion on Instagram through periodical stories. A package that boosts both trust and brand awareness.

Synergy Is Something To Factor In

Being associated with renowned companies and successful entrepreneurs enhances a brand’s image, which can be a necessary step for ambitious business owners looking to take their thriving companies to the next level. The concept of THE CIRCLE Magazine, designed as an annual guide, helps a lot in that respect. With the limited selection of businesses for each category, it also reduces competition, which can be fierce with traditional magazines or digital media.

Think Long-Term, Connect With Consumers

You don’t need a Fortune 500-sized marketing budget to impact qualified consumers. By focusing on publications that offer long-lasting, quality exposure, brands save up to 50% on marketing spend while reaching the same audience. Furthermore, annual magazines and guides are often more attractive (larger format, thicker paper), making them collector’s items that deeply connect readers to your brand.
To learn more about THE CIRCLE Los Angeles, visit THECIRCLE.LA.
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